Teaching Resources For Teens and Young Adults (Ages 13-21)

  Financial Independence Blooms

As teens blossom into young adults, the seeds of financial literacy planted earlier truly come to fruition. This is the time when financial knowledge and decision-making skills become crucial. They start making independent purchases, exploring earning opportunities, and potentially navigating bank accounts or student loans. Through hands-on experiences and observing financial role models, they act as "financial apprentices", developing the practical skills needed to make informed decisions about their money. Executive function skills continue to mature, allowing them to manage impulses, plan for the future, and confidently navigate the increasingly complex financial landscape.

<strong>Personal Finance Curriculum</strong>

Personal Finance Curriculum

Next Gen Personal Finance offers a free curriculum designed for teachers and parents of students in grades 6-12. From full-semester courses to interactive videos and activities, NGPF covers everything your teen needs to know about managing money. Topics like checking accounts, saving strategies, and responsible credit use come to life, equipping your child with the knowledge and skills to navigate the financial world with confidence. 

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<strong>Practical Money Skills</strong>

Practical Money Skills

"Practical Money Skills" by VISA offers resources designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. From managing their first paycheck to understanding credit and debt, these tools will empower you to guide your teen on their financial journey. Explore lesson plans, interactive games, and practical calculators.

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<strong>Teenagers and Young Adults</strong>

Teenagers and Young Adults

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau provides resources and tips to help you support your teen on their financial journey, from setting clear expectations to fostering open communication about money. Help your teen build strong financial habits from setting goals and understanding their first paycheck, to learning the power of saving and smart shopping.

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<strong>Teach &#38; Learn Through Interactive Gaming</strong>

Teach & Learn Through Interactive Gaming

Interactive games are powerful tools for igniting a child's interest in financial literacy. These engaging activities transform complex concepts like budgeting and saving into exciting challenges. Through playful competition and real-time feedback, children grasp financial principles in a fun and memorable way. Games not only boost their understanding, but also encourage critical thinking and decision-making skills, all while fostering a positive association with money management from a young age. Next Gen Personal Finance created an arcade to help engage students in financial decision-making with free online games!

<strong>Financial Calculators</strong>

Financial Calculators

Work with your teenager to explore our financial calculators like "Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?" or "How Much Home Can I Afford?" These interactive tools can spark important conversations about budgeting, saving goals, and responsible spending habits. By turning financial planning into a collaborative activity, you can equip your child with knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions for years to come.

<strong>Resources for Young Adults</strong>

Resources for Young Adults

Time to empower your teen to take charge of their financial future! Our "Resources for Young Adults" page, located within this Financial Literacy hub, is designed to be a springboard for their independent learning journey. As they transition from being taught to teaching themselves, this curated collection offers valuable information on crucial topics like college planning, securing their first job, and making smart financial decisions about moving out or buying a car. These free online resources will equip your teen with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the exciting world of young adulthood and make informed financial choices on their own.