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2021/2022 Tax Season Resources

We know that tax season can be stressful so we have put together all of our tax resources in one place to help ease the burden. Of course, if you have additional questions about anything provided on this page, we’re just a phone call away.


The following information applies to taxable accounts and retirement accounts from which distributions were taken. If you had accounts with us before July of 2021, you may receive more than one tax form from Waddell & Reed and/or LPL Financial. If you have annuities and are taking distributions, these will come from their respective carriers as usual.

Waddell & Reed Tax Information

For detailed information including mailing dates, visit:

Ivy Investments offers copies of tax reporting forms online. While these forms (such as 1099-DIV or 1099-B or 1099-R) are mailed to all shareholders with reportable activity, exact copies are also available for viewing or printing online.

To view these forms, please log onto your account via the “Access Your Account” option. If you wish to view your tax forms but have not set up online access for your account, you may do so by selecting the “Create User ID” option on the “Access Your Account” page. Once logged onto your account, you may view all of your tax forms via the “Tax Documents” link under the “Statements” heading. If you need assistance, please contact Ivy Client Services at 1-800-777-6472.

Access Your Account

Waddell & Reed (Pershing) Brokerage Account Tax Information

Tax documents are available online for clients with existing NetXInvestor access. Once logged in, select the Menu icon, choose Communications> All Communications to download your tax documents. If the document is not visible online then it is not available yet. For more details, please call Pershing at 201-761-5499 or email Pershing at

NetXInvestor Login

LPL Financial Tax Information

All LPL Financial tax documents can be accessed via the Account View website (Click the button below to access the site). If you have not registered for access yet, you can do so by clicking the "Sign Up" button below the login field. Your Account View will provide the same documents we are able to see. If the document is not available yet, we also do not have access to it yet. If you have any trouble, please contact Damion Feldman in our office by calling (619) 295-9930 or by sending an email to

Weekly Tax Form Mailings
Starting in January, LPL began to issue 1099-Consolidate Tax Statements on a weekly basis. Forms will be available based on finalization of all 2021 information including securities subject to income reclassification or return of capital.

Tax Season Essentials
During the 2021 tax season, in order to meet all IRS deadlines, reduce errors, and reduce the need to mail corrected versions, LPL will be mailing the 1099 Consolidated Tax Statements in weekly phases.

For additional details including the 2022 mailing schedule for 2021 tax information, please download the LPL 2021/2022 Tax Season Guide: 

2021/2022 Tax Season Guide - Investor Edition (LPL Financial)

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