Focus On People With Disabilities


Every Seed Can Bloom   

Financial literacy empowers everyone, regardless of learning style or ability. Just like some plants require extra care or time to flourish, developmentally disabled or neurodivergent people may need additional support to cultivate strong financial skills. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how to manage money to the best of their ability. That's why we've curated a special collection of resources designed specifically for the disability community offering valuable tools and information to help everyone plant the seeds of financial literacy and watch them blossom into a brighter financial future.

<strong>National Disability Institute (NDI)</strong>

National Disability Institute (NDI)

The National Disability Institute (NDI) offers a free toolkit designed specifically for people with disabilities, including your child. This comprehensive resource equips them with the knowledge and tools needed to build financial security and freedom. Explore downloadable worksheets on budgeting, goal setting, and responsible spending habits. Quick reference guides clarify complex topics like benefits and employment, while short training videos offer financial education in bite-sized chunks. NDI empowers your child to take charge of their financial future.

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<strong>Your Money, Your Goals</strong>

Your Money, Your Goals

This companion guide "Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on People with Disabilities" from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau contains information, tips, and tools based on insights from people with disabilities and from organizations that serve the disability community. It is centered on the core philosophy that everyone has the right to control their money and make their own financial decisions. This guide is intended to supplement the Your Money, Your Goals Tool-kit.

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