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Investments & Retirement Strategies

Your financial goals are based on your personal aspirations, not chosen from a list. When you collaborate with us you can gain clarity as you move toward your goals. Pursuing your goals means putting yourself on a customized path to your long-term destination.


We offer a full-service brokerage platform through Waddell & Reed designed to help you manage your investments more efficiently, including approved mutual funds, closed-end funds, individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, ETNs, options, UITs, brokered CDs and more. Fixed, variable and indexed annuities are available through numerous carriers and ABLE accounts are available for our clients with special needs families.

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Many education investing options are available to our clients. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, 529 College Savings Plans, and UTMA / UGMA accounts are a few of the college savings strategies we offer.

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Traditional, Roth and rollover IRAs can offer attractive tax advantages and can serve as primary or supplemental retirement savings vehicles. 403(b) Plans are available for employees of school districts and other non-profits.

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Your business has unique needs, and we have the resources to support you, your business and your employees. For self-employed individuals, we offer SEP IRAs, Defined Benefit Plans, and our Exclusive(k).  For businesses with employees we offer Profit Sharing, 401(k), SIMPLE IRAs, and payroll deduction IRAs.  For Non-Profits we also offer ERISA Title 1 TSAs.

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