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How We Work With Our Clients

The first step is a complimentary, no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your values and priorities. Once we determine whether we can help you and whether or not you want our help, we will agree on which type of relationship we believe would be suitable for you.

Each client’s situation is unique; therefore we believe each relationship should also be unique. As our clients transition through different stages of life, our approach must be flexible to accommodate their changing needs, goals, and priorities. We offer relationships based on many factors including individual objectives, investment style, need for ongoing advice and interest in particular financial, investment or insurance solutions.

Advisory Relationships

One relationship our clients may choose includes fee-based financial planning services. From planning for a specific goal or goals to comprehensive financial planning, our services are customized for each client. Plan fees are based on the complexity of the services requested along with the client’s personal situation and are independent from any investment advisory relationship.

Clients who choose an investment advisory relationship have access to programs that may hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchanged traded funds, etc. Fees for investment advisory accounts are based on the value of the assets in the account as opposed to the number of transactions that take place. Asset-based fees generally cover ongoing advice and recommendations. In addition, specific fees and expenses associated with individual investment products may apply.

Commission Based Relationships

For clients that do not choose to participate in an investment advisory relationship, we offer commission-based relationships. Generally speaking, clients who anticipate low or infrequent trading activity and only need limited advice or recommendations on specific transactions would choose this type of relationship. Depending on the investment vehicle utilized, clients may incur upfront sales charges or commissions for transactions executed on their behalf.

Combined Relationships

We believe in offering choices in our approach to our client relationships. Values and needs change over time so we offer a combined approach in which clients may utilize fee-based financial planning, investment advisory, and commission based strategies in conjunction with their changing needs. This allows us the versatility to truly serve the needs of our clients as they progress through their life transitions.